Online Ordering System

Image descriptionSee the features/benefits of being able to take online orders below....

  • No PC required - orders can come in via fax!
  • No mistakes taking down order/delivery address
  • No software to install
  • Control your online opening hours
  • Customer reliability checking
  • Take optional online payments

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» Take online orders for your food!!!

Let your customers order online from your complete menu

Easy as 1,2,3! - Choose/Login/Send: Customers choose items from your menu on your business webpage. When ready to order we handle the customers login/order through our secure server and send the details onto you via fax, email or you can watch and be alerted through your internet browser!

You can also opt to take online payment with the following cards:Image description

» Track orders

Orders have unique IDs and are stored for checking

Orders can be viewed through the browser as they come in or you can look up all the days, weeks or months orders - great for stock taking/checking! Orders can also be updated as 'sent' to track orders in and out.

» Track customer reliability

To prevent malicious orders, customers have to build up a reliability status which is sent with the order

To prevent malicious orders customers have to build up a reliability status which you can view. Changing their address/details reduces their reliability back to zero so you know when and who to trust easily. You can also see how many times a customer has ordered from you and invisibly 'flag' them too for future reference!

» Control opening hours

You control when your website is open or closed for business!

Want an early night or to extend your hours? - simply update your opening/closing hours and re-publish - your site is instantly updated!

» Deleivery charges

Automatically add delivery charges

You can even add the delivery charge cutoff so the system can add/remove delivery charges enabling your customers to get an accurate bill.

» Professional webpage

A host of other features are available too...

Of course this is only part of the package - there's the ability to display your special offers, unlimited information text, images, logos and choose a colour/design scheme all on a professional webpage. Read the rest of what you get here