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Online Ordering Open at the Seven Stars, Wellington!
The ins and outs of online ordering
Smells a bit fishy..
Did you know?..
Fancy contributing?
Want to eat/drink for free?

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Did you know you can also book/reserve tables online at restaurants through our website?

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Hello, and welcome to the first edition of our newsletter!

We are currently focusing our efforts on the Telford area, but if you live elsewhere don't worry - we hope to be coming to an area near you soon!

Online Ordering Open at the Seven Stars, Wellington!

Congratulations to Kin at the Seven Stars who has successfully started his online ordering service, and has already had his first orders come rolling in!

This is a major breakthrough for Telford as outside the major pizza companies he is the first independent restaurant with online ordering!

For those that have yet to give it a try, visit his site Seven Stars the next time you fancy a Cantonese/Chinese meal. He's even got some special offers for you if you order online.

If you have an RSS reader, then keep up to date with his offers by subscribing to the Seven Stars RSS feed - wow!

The ins and outs of online ordering

Whats that? You've never tried it?
Well your probably not alone as unlike online shopping we (in the UK) are well behind our European and US counterparts when it comes to online food ordering.

How come? How many 'food' sites have you visited only to be presented with and endless list of telephone numbers. We here at Fancyabitetoeat are trying to address this issue by ensuring only quality information/sites appear on your searches.

How are you doing that? Click on our Telford search page to find out! We give you buttons to filter the returned results by food type - no more aimlessley clicking hoping for something relevant to appear!

Also those who have something to offer (such as online ordering, menu, etc.) will appear at the top of the list

Result of all this?...You get the information and food you want quickly.

So what other benefits are there to online ordering? Well here's a few..

  • Quicker/Easier (No mistakes/misunderstanding)
  • Order will get through (phone not engaged)
  • Great for big family orders
  • Great for corporate orders
  • Order ahead from work

  • And best of all!...
  • No fighting over the menu!
  • No blame as to who lost/last had the menu!

  • Smells a bit fishy..

    It could only happen in the UK...A Wakefield fish and chip shop recently received a visit from the local Council after a complaint had been lodged... wait for it - because it smelled strongly of Fish and Chips!

    The council are now monitoring the situation and they may be banned from having fish and chip smells in their chippy!


    Did you know?..

    Whilst were on the subject of Fish and Chips here are some interesting facts about your traditional dish

  • Approximately 283 million fish and chip shop meals (that included fish) were sold in the UK last year.
  • The record for the most portions of fish and chips sold by an independent fish and chip shop in one day is over 4,000.
  • Over half of the UK population visit a fish and chip shop at least once a month and around 15% enjoy fish and chips once or twice a week.
  • Lining up all the portions of fish and chips that were eaten last year would form a line that would stretch for 45,000 miles - thats nearly twice around the world!
  • Back in 1838, Charles Dickens wrote about fried fish warehouses in the his novel 'Oliver Twist'. The warehouses acted as the forerunner to fish and chip shops - though there were no chips, instead either bread or baked potatoes were the favoured accompanyment. The actual sale of the fish was carried out by street vendors with trays and sold cold for a penny.
  • A fish and chip shop in Mossley, near Oldham, opened in 1863 and is thought to be the first chippy though there are claims for one in London that opened in 1860.
  • Take-away food was rationed during the Second World War - except fish and chips! Frederick Lord Woolton, Minister of Food at the time, permitted mobile frying vans to carry fish and chips to evacuees around the country.
  • Hmm...tastes a bit meaty - no suprise though as most fish and chips were fried in beef dripping originally. Thank goodness nowadays a variety of oils are used to do the job!
  • A portion of fish and chips with mushy peas cost about 6d in the early part of the 20th Century. Average wages were low but the price still permitted working class families to afford a fish supper which would add vital protein and vitamins to the usual diet of bread, dripping, tea and condensed milk.
  • During Seafood Week in Hull in 2002, the world’s biggest ever portion of fish and chips was cooked. The fish, measuring in at 34 in long and 14 in wide, weighed 28 pounds and 1 ounce. This beat the previous world record by two pounds. Best think twice before sending the kids to the chippy next time!

  • Fancy contributing?

    You can submit your comments/ratings about particular restaurants through the site but how do you fancy sending/writing a piece for this newsletter and/or our website.

    We would love to hear any funny stories you have related to food or perhaps you know of someone who has just opened and needs a mention?

    Whatever it is drop us a line.

    If you have any ideas or comments about the website we would also like to hear from you!

    Want to eat/drink for free?

    You do? Well all you have to do is refer a takeaway/restaurant/food outlet to us and we will give you up to £25 in food/drink vouchers as a thank you.

    The business concerned will be happy too, as if they contact us they will get a discount on our services also!

    All you have to do is collect your unique code from our site, give it to the business and when they sign up for our services (using your code to claim their discount) we will contact you to arrange payment - easy!

    The code can be reused as many times as you like!

    What are you waiting for - get out there and tell your favourite takeaway/restaurant so you can claim your vouchers!

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