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In this Issue

Hello to...Lal Komal
You Click Africa Eats
Curry on a diet!
Site Overhaul
Hotmail Accounts...
And finally...

In Other News

Had a good curry?(or maybe a bad one!)

Why not tell them about it? - You can now leave feedback for any listed restaurant or takeaway in our search pages

Hello, and welcome to the 3rd newsletter!

Phew, what a few months we've had! - If your a regular visitor then you'll notice we've been busy redesigning the site, joining forces with Harvest Help and more!

Time to take it easy for a while - Jax & Gareth

(PS. Remember - your login details can be used at ANY of our featured takeaways - look for the purple/yellow star on the search pages! and if you make an online order ensure your contact details are correct!)

Hello to....Lal Komal

A warm welcome to the Lal Komal!

One of Oakengates long standing Indian restaurants has now a web presence with Fancyabitetoeat.

By visiting their website you can select items from their new menu to add to your order which makes it easy when ordering over the telephone and helps you work out the cost too!

Check out their new website here...Why not order an Indian tonight?

Lal Komal Website URL :

You Click - Africa Eats....

We have joined forces with Harvest Help.

The idea is really simple - every time you make an order online via one of our featured restaurants we make a small donation to Harvest Help from our profits

So it doesn't even cost you anything and you are doing your bit to help others too - what are you waiting for get clicking today!

We think Harvest Help is a wonderful organisation that makes an actual difference to people's lives through providing livestock, tools and supplies to farmers to help them help themselves and become self sufficient instead of relying on handouts of food.

Your orders have already provided enough to purchase:

  • 30 Fruit Trees
  • 4 Chickens
  • Thankyou!

    Harvest Help webpage below. Why not make an additional donation/pledge whilst your there?

    Harvest Help Website URL :

    Curry on a diet!

    It's true - have a curry and lose weight!

    Thanks to Zab at the New Dil Raj in Oakengates you can now select from a HUGE range of curries from the 'sin free' slimming menu to complement your 'red' and 'green' days.

    Want to find out more?

    Either visit our website to view a copy of the menu online or why not order online or directly from the New Dil Raj website

    New Dil Raj Website URL :

    Site Overhaul...

    Well it's been a while and what with the summer here we thought a bit of a cleanup and a splash of colour was needed.

    Why not tell us what you think here

    Hopefully, you'll agree that the search is a bit easier and we apologise if you are IE5 user as a few features may not work - but with security a priority these days we recommend upgrading to a current browser version as soon as you can. Get IE here or why not try Firefox

    Firefox is quick too with our interactive menus working about 10x faster!

    Hotmail accounts...

    Have a Hotmail account?

    We are getting some feedback that a few of you with hotmail accounts are sometimes not receiving emails from our member restaurants during signup/ordering.

    We apologise for this and if have experienced problems but have not yet contacted us then please let us know here so we can provide evidence to our hosts so they can try to get things sorted out.

    And finally...

    Spare a thought for the world champion food stuffer Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi

    The man who set a world record by wolfing down dozens of hot dogs within minutes has suffered a severe jaw injury due to his rigorous training! - he can now only open his mouth to make a gap the size of a fingertip after being diagnosed with jaw arthritis

    Last year, Kobayashi put down a world-record 53 and three-quarters hot dogs in just 12 minutes

    In addition to his hotdog title, he holds world records for scoffing cows' brains and rice balls (?!?!)

    Any takers out there to take over his crown?

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